Devblog 19 – Smelting and Storage

Smelting and Storage

Hi guys, we’re working hard on various content for the game. Recent additions are a Furnace/Smelter and a Storage box, with item system in the works. Crafting, Smelting and Storage are some of the basic features of our game and similar kind of games.

smelting and storage box furnace floatlands lowpoly


There will be 2 variants of storage boxes. Smaller ones will be intended for fast and efficient storaging of your valuables. Bigger ones will be used for a specific storage and you’ll have to secure them from outer threats (mobs). Both kind will be craftables only, meaning that the only way to get them will be by crafting. You’ll be able to set them anywhere you want (no restrictions regarding that), most commonly in bases/shelters. They will not require a foundation to be placed down and will not be destructable.

smelting and storage box lowpoly floatlands


There is only one variant of furnace available for now. It transforms your raw gathered resources to a more refined (better) quality (example Metal Ore -> Metal Ignot). You can then use this transformed element for crafting better items (bigger storage box, weapons, other devices). Furnace works only if you add “fuel” as an energy source. The primitive fuel is wood, but you can use oil, coal or any other wooden element (wooden floor, foundation). So imagine that, instead of destroying your wooden base and previous elements going to waste, this way you’ll actually get something in return.

smelting and storage crafting furnace floatlands

When smelting there will be a variable duration period. You will need a longer time for smelting rare items due to more difficult smelting process. In contrast, short duration time will apply to common items, because of easier smelting. This furnace will fit nicely with your base/shelter, and you’ll have the option to make several of them. Keep in mind that smelting and storage UI is likely to change.

smelting and storage furnace generator lowpoly floatlands

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  1. Herby says:

    The furnace looks great, interested to see how you’ll implement the functionality. Having more than one of these at the base will also mean that one needs a lot of resources to make them work and not simply stand around. Looking forward to using the furnace!

  2. C.J.Geringer says:

    I rally like the furnace model, The way the chimney ends gives it a nice feeling of “improvised and unrefined but functional”.

    I get the impresison that a slighly darke contour of the rocks would be acools, showing better the shapes of the many rocks used in the construction.

    Can you guys show a wireframe of it?

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