Devblog 12 – Electricity


In our previous blog post we showed you the Floatlands build system and different tiers of structures. Then we thought about different props that you could use in the game, and some of them would need a source of energy. Generators will be that source, in fact, there will be 3 models with different power outputs (50W, 150W, 400W).

generator electricity lowpoly floatlands

You will have to fill them with fuel to get them to work. You will use energy will for lights, lamps, defense systems, turrets and more. You’ll be able to connect multiple devices to a generator and even go over the output limit, but the efficiency of that extra connected device will be lowered (example: extra connected light will generate less brightness).¬†We already managed to connect several turrets to a generator.

electricity turret lowpoly floatlands
Turrets will target their enemies with laser light and bullets.
electricity ui lowpoly floatlands
Generator interface shows you nearby and connected generators, current power and available power.
lamp electricity lowpoly floatlands
Wall lamp connected to a nearby generator.
electricity night lights lowpoly floatlands
Power up your lights to see trough dark nights

We’re even discussing various energy sources, like wind (wind turbines), water (hydroelectricity) and sun (solar panels).

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