Devblog 7 – Building structures

Building structures

Hi there,
today we will present you another feature of our Floatlands game – BUILDING STRUCTURES. Players will be able to build their own structures to protect themselves from threats and store their possessions. This feature is closely tied with the resource gathering aspect of the game. It’s simple really, to build any kind of structure you need materials. That is why we first thought out a material scheme.

building structures material scheme floatlands
Disclaimer: information provided in this document is intended for informational purposes only and may be changed or updated.

Elements/materials differentiate between themselves in rarity and later on in tier usability (you will need rare materials for more fortified structures). From basic natural resources and animals that we already incorporated, we now had to convert this into usable materials for construction. You’ll need to process and smelt certain materials in order to use them. This is where a FURNACE comes into play:

building structures furnace lowpoly floatlands

So, now that we have the materials sorted out, we get to play with construction. Constructing is based on one structure/element (foundation, floor, wall, stairs…) that you’ll be able to rotate and snap to another element-thus creating a building according to your wishes. In order for this snapping system to work, our 3d artist and programmer had to create all the elements and assign them locators and snap points. The positioning of these elements works through raycasting.

building structures mode preview floatlands

In conclusion, we designed elements for 3 building tiers: WOOD, STONE, REINFORCED STONE.

wood base render floatlands
stone base render floatlands
reinforced base render floatlands

That’s all for this week. We will update you with our next developments soon!


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  1. C.J.Geringer says:

    Why is the second tier called “Reinforced Stone” It looks like just stone. What is it reinforced with?

    Why not call it Wood > Stone > Reinforced stone(The last tier looks like stone reinforced with iron)

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