Devblog 17 – Common NPC robots


gunner npc lowpoly floatlands

Is the most common type of robot in Floatlands. He is equipped with a standard rifle, has a great range and cooperates with other robots very well. He will be found near quest sites or freshly spawned islands.


grenadier npc lowpoly floatlands

Grenadier is more trickier. He is equipped with a grenade launcher, which can cause lots of pain if he sees where you are hiding. He can be terminated very quickly so make sure to have an eye on him.


sniper npc lowpoly floatlands

Sniper will appear less frequently than some other robot NPCs. His specialization is to cover large open areas, so you’ll have to watch out for him at every turn. He is likely to camp out in nearby bushes. Terminate him first to clear the path.


medic npc lowpoly floatlands

He can be found in a pack of NPC robots. He is absorbing your incoming damage in a great range, so make sure to target him to weaken robot’s defenses. It does zero damage and has very little health pool.


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