We’re a group of 5 friends who share the same passion for making games. We are located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Our first project was Flying Pet, a mobile arcade game where you transport animals with helicopters and avoid obstacles. The second title is named Jenkem, it’s a hilarious never-ending farting game. Ore Miner, clicking game for mobiles, is our most successful project to date. Currently we’re working on a low poly survival/exploration FPS game called Floatlands.

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domen koneski floatlands

Domen Koneski – project leader

Besides being the project leader, Domen is our lead game designer and programmer. He has 3 years of active experience in Android environment. He has also developed many scripts, mini games and applications. He completed lower and high music school including jazz composition/improvisation and chamber play. He is really into music – he is producing his own dub music, which he plays around Ljubljana, our capital. He’s also an avid cryptocurrency enthusiast… We don’t even have to mention that he’s a passionate gamer.

vili volcini floatlands

Vili Volčini – math guru

Vili is the expert mathemagician on our team. He’s been programming since he was 14 and he has a big interest in video games, electronics and robotics. Currently he is studying at math and physics university FMF and working on video games as side projects. Speaking of projects, he had some interesting ones. Just to mention the last one – hacking an Android pattern lock (check out his blog). Someday he will build a real robot with intention of helping humanity, but it’s a long road to there!

andrej krebs floatlands

Andrej Krebs – lead 3d artist

Andrej joined the team to help with our first ever game called Flying Pet. He then became responsible for all 3d artwork and animations. Blender 3d is the name of the software he’s been dealing with for a number of years, so we can definitely call him an expert. He previously attended Animation Studies Institute and Multimedia Academy. His passion are swords, he’s a member of a group that trains medieval sworsdmanship and makes medieval clothes, they also perform on various festivals.

Mito Horvat Floatlands

Mito Horvat Madjar – 2d artist

Mito is the new 2D artist that joined our team. He’s responsible for visualizing the game ideas with concept art and UI design. His tools of the trade are Photoshop, Illustrator and pen and paper. His passion is tattooing and spending every minute of his spare time playing video games.

blaz drobnic floatlands

Blaž Drobnič – community manager

Blaž is managing our community relations (social media, blog, reddit, google play) and taking care of marketing, although with very limited resources. But his initial role and field of expertise was 3d design, because he completed studies at the Multimedia Academy. 3ds Max, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects are some of the programs he has experience with. He’s a computer hardware and Bitcoin enthusiast, also dedicates some of his spare time to sports, playing games and watching tv series.


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