DEER-IN-ACTION¬† Hey guys! This week was kinda lazy since we took a break from work to meet up with our families. Although we found some time to fully implement deer into the Floatlands environment. Vili did a fantastic job implementing a behaviour system (AI) for the critter so they react…
We decided to take one friday off and make a team trip or you could say teambuilding. We wanted to go somewhere that is not far from our office. Someone came up with a wild idea to visit a coal mine. For those of you who don’t know our team’s…
tower hill lowpoly Floatlands
Hey guys, we have some good news for you! NEW 2D ARTIST Mito Horvat Madjar is our new 2D artist and a valuable addition to this team.¬†His passion is tattooing, therefore he does a lot of drawing, he’s also experienced in Adobe design tools. One of the reasons we chose…


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