Devblog 18 – Projectiles, bounciness and penetrability

Floatlands has another addition – Projectile system. Until now, only weapon animations were present in the game, without actual bullets, so the shooting experience wasn’t quite genuine. This chapter will go over projectiles that launch from…

Devblog 7 – Building structures

Hi there, today we will present you another feature of our Floatlands game – BUILDING STRUCTURES. Players will be able to build their own structures to protect themselves from threats and store their possessions. This feature…

Devblog 6 – Bullets!

Hey, Domen here. My task was and still is to create at least reasonable bullet logic which is “kinda” realistic. For starters lets define what a bullet is. For the first N metres (or…

Dev Stream #02 recap

Gameplay, weapon concept design