Project Cancellation

Sorry to inform you @everyone but decision was made to cancel development of Floatlands due to financial and organizational along with unresolved disputes.

Many of you know we had a publisher who supported us, together we made alot of game design changes – such as multiplayer – that prolonged the development uptil they suddenly decided to terminate our cooperation.

This act made us worried and tried different crowdfunding methods and we were working hard on doing plenty of tasks at once. I, as director, was responsible to clear out any disputes, organize how we would proceed and had talks with different organizations/platforms for hosting our croudfunding. Unfortunately we couldn’t start any crowdfunding so we decided to continue working on Floatlands – being self-funded.

These things take toll on mindset and happiness of the team, funding was limited and project’s release date was not foreseeable.

This was a tough decision, but please understand; doing things forcefully, hungry and unhappy would conceive a very bad game. Don’t forget, there are People behind those little pills.

Thanks for being here on this great ~2 year game development journey, thanks to those who helped in any way possible.

Domen Koneski, Game Director

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