Devblog #56

Our first live Twitch stream


Me and Andrej have done our first live Twitch stream, explaining some core mechanics of Floatlands while showcasing the EGX Rezzed demo build. Andrej also did a quick tree sculpting for our new biome. Bear with us that this stream was our first one and we were pretty shy doing it. Check it out!

Better terrain generator


I have made some changes to the terrain generator. It allows water to be rendered, hills/mountains are more exposed now allowing us to create different types of terrain with ease.

terrrain generator Our first live Twitch stream

Setting up Wiki pages


First of all, I started setting up Floatlands Wiki and worked on the item and main page. In addition, I prepared the template for the individual item’s pages and filled out some basic resource pages.


Trees for swamp biome


Furthermore, I modeled some trees for the swamp biome and made LOD’s and colliders.

trees swamp Our first live Twitch stream

Creating a game build for development testing


This week was mostly about rushing to create a game build for mid-game development testing. A few changes were made in controller menu, but it still needs fine touches. I also implemented new logic for drone movement, which is now completely physic based.


Shotgun close encounter, adding effects


These past couple of weeks I worked on pimping up Close encounter shotgun, added ricochet particle effects and blood effect. Otherwise, I just spent my time fixing bugs for upcoming demo build.

Reworking some older ideas


Since we’re frantically preparing the demo for the SGC event, there’s really no point of pumping out new concepts and content. Therefore its time to rework some of the older ideas. We’re dumping the wooden fences and completely overhauling the Buzzard. The changes wont be extreme, but since we’re constantly evolving I think its appropriate we update the older assets as well.

updated design sketch Our first live Twitch stream

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