Devblog 55 – Weekly update

Spartan & Roman player skins


I started this week by adding more player skins – the latest additions are Spartan and Roman like oufits. After that I carried on by preparing a broken model of the dropship, so the players will be able to blow them up spectacularly and making collider models for the broken pieces.

roman spartan player skins lowpoly floatlands
Spartan and Roman like player skins

Furthermore, I prepared some more cloth outfits and a few junk armour pieces. I also added a camouflage skin for the fine metal armour.

cloth camouflage player skins lowpoly floatlands
cloth outfits and camouflage player skins

Dropship destruction


I’m still playing around with the dropship NPC, I even did some work on it through the weekend. As a result, here are some key points:

  • Separating single script into many separate scripts
  • How dropship explodes
  • Adding explosion and smoke effects
  • Dissolve effect
  • Collision avoidance – so dropship doesn’t bump into something

Maybe we will use this code for future flying NPCs so it’s not good to spoil this fun by writing bad code. I can show you this clip of dropship destruction (stress testing):

Clouds & Flow Map


First of all, we animate/translate the clouds troughout the playable area using a flowmap. A flowmap is basically a texture filled with various colors. Each pixel describes a movement vector by extracting red and green component of the pixel. The computation looks like this:

vector definition lowpoly floatlands

We’ve used Teck’s FlowMap Painter to generate nice and smooth flowmaps which can be easily imported in your Unity project. Also check his other work.

flowmap lowpoly floatlands

Custom pooling solution spawns the Cloud System, the only thing left is to create some weather scenarios – cloudy and less light, rain and storms. We can do this by changing the flowmap (which has more aggresive vector field) in real time.

animated clouds lowpoly floatlands
moving clouds

So we can conclude that a flowmap is a vector field.

Controls Menu


This week I invested my time into creating Controls Menu. Finally, some UI quirks that will put the whole game together nicely. First thing that comes to mind, when creating Controls Menu is KeyBinding, since it lets user choose custom keys with Key Definition – KeyCode pair. We decided not too use Unity default KeyBinder-Input Manager and use our own system with .ini file that has [name, description, category, defaultKey, playerKey] connections, which gives us more freedom from the get-go.

controls menu lowpoly floatlands
controls menu

Swamp biome assets


With the swamp biome on the horizon, its time to spice it up and make the biome look distinguished from others. Currently I’m playing around with different color palettes to give the biome a specific atmosphere. As a result, colors combined with all the right assets will create a really unique environment for the player to explore. Swamp biome will be littered with small ponds and tall trees. The flora will be very lush and the combination of huge trees and roots everywhere will create a very dense looking biome. We’ll also include swamp specific critters and animals, but we still have to brainstorm what would fit, any suggestions? Below is a collage of concept sketches of assets that will be added in the biome.

swamp assets concept lowpoly floatlands
swamp assets concept

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