Devblog 52 – New office

Moving to new office

We had to put development on pause this week, because we mostly spent our time moving to new office. It didn’t help us at all that at the same time there was a heat wave of 40°C. First we had to take appart our work stations, pack them up and drive them to the new location. In the new office we decided to repaint the walls and add some new furniture. So we bought some paint, brushes, rollers and ‘build it yourself furniture’. One part of the team was responsible for repainting, the other for assembling the furniture (desks, drawers and closets).

moving to new office gear floatlands

After we got all the supplies for painting, we rolled up our sleeves and got our hands dirty. We lined all the edges with masking tape, sanded some more damaged parts down and started painting everything with a fresh coat of white paint. We wanted to add some colour to our new environment and we decided on a calming light blue paint. With it we painted some surfaces and added another coat of white to other parts for good cover. It really is a good looking color scheme, so our eyes wont get tired.

moving to new office mess floatlands

Finishing touches

Furniture assembly was supposed to be a simple task, but it really gave us a hard time. Premade furniture blocks didn’t quite fit, so it made us rethink base assembly in our game. After setting up furniture, we gave the floor a good wash and made a map where all the stuff is going to go. At the end we reassembled the workstations and brought in some new comforts like a fridge, slippers and a “new” couch.

moving to new office paintjob floatlands

We’re writing this blog post in our renovated cool looking office and we can’t wait to get back to developing our game. More game updates next week!

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moving to new office floatlands

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