Short break

Short break

We’re taking just a short break from development to refill our batteries and come back with even more ideas of how to improve the game. During this time, we invite you to follow us on our social media profiles and let us know what you think of our progress so far. We also encourage you to ask questions and perhaps share some of your suggestions or ideas. We’re preparing additional changes to the game, we also intend to redesign our website and find an extra programmer to help us with all this work.

short break floatlands development team
Floatlands team

Improvements so far

After EGX Rezzed, we’ve been putting all our efforts into making an alpha version of the game. Those of you who follow us closely will take notice that the game received some nice improvements and additions:

  • general optimizations of the generated world (islands, terrain, rocks, particle effects)
  • new Scorched biome (with more biomes in the works),
  • more vegetation without a performance hit,
  • revamped dungeons,
  • we added quite a lot of assets for humans of Floatlands aspect (Farmers and Techies),
  • implementation of electric sytem and tying it to build mode – custom connectivity of devices with cables (very excited about this feature),
  • crafting improvements (new requirements for crafting an item – player level and workbench) & smelting (furnace)
  • revamped build mode elements and added a few extra ones (doors, windows, fences).

See you soon,
Floatlands team

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