Dear Readers and Subscribers,

We are all very pleased to announce that we partnered up with Excalibur Publishing! Recently they have switched over to indie titles and stumbled upon project Floatlands. This brought us a lot of joy since this partnership opens up alot of new opportunities and we know that with their help we are going to produce a much better game, reach wider audience and attend game shows.

Speaking of game shows – we were invited to Rezzed show in London, UK. You are all very welcomed to see the first real glimpse/tech demo of early Floatlands where you can talk directly to us, give some thoughts or a new idea about the game.

The year 2017 will be a turning point for us with the Floatlands project growing with the help of our new partner and our fans, who are always providing us with new ideas.

Best regards,

Domen Koneski
Game Director

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