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We didn’t forget about questing, Floatlands will have them procedurally generated also. A quest is a gameplay feature where you will be able to interact with some NPCs. You will learn about the world, do a task and get rewarded with items and/or experience points (not yet implemented). There will be 3 types of quests available; gather, location (go somewhere/explore) and kill quests. Another feature of the quest system is that a certain quest can chain with the other one: first chop down some trees then explore the nearest island. This allows more immersive experience and more possibilities when building a quest. The system is very raw right now, but simple gather quests are working as intended.

questing farmer quest giver lowpoly floatlands
Farmer quest giver

By talking to NPCs you will trigger quests. These are friendly human characters that have a large role in quests and delivering a story. Right now we only have two, but we are planing to later add an NPC generation system, that will allow to us to procedurally generate human characters that will populate the world and make it feel even more alive.

questing farmer talking lowpoly floatlands
farmer NPC talking

Robot NPC animations


I have mostly been preparing various animations for the enemy robots, to make them work in any situation. I added run cycles, crouch aiming and made a damaged version of all animations, so we can blend between normal and damaged animations, depending on how much damage they have already taken.

questing assault notify lowpoly floatlands
Robot notifying others of a danger
questing assault damaged walk floatlands
Damaged assault robot walk

So far I have finished the animation for the basic assault droid, but I will add it to the other two I already made and will also serve as an animation list for other enemies we will make later. Right now I started copying and modifying the first animations to the other droid, that uses the same animation rig I created for most humanoid characters.

questing grenadier damaged sidestep floatlands
Damaged grenadier robot strafe
questing greandier weaponcheck blocked floatlands
Grenadier robot weapon check

Assembling the world


The world of Floatlands will consist of Clusters. Each Cluster has its own set of islands and debris. Island sizes and their biomes depend on the Cluster seed which spawns and deforms every island in there. This technique is very efficient, because if we want to load a game, we simply use the seed that created the Cluster, then we apply the changes to the Cluster (certain trees were chopped down, metal veins were mined, building elements were placed, etc.)

questing lowpoly island cluster floatlands
Island cluster

The shape of the Cluster is not yet finalized, but what we’ve done so far is ready for showcasing to the public. It looks even better ingame!

questing lowpoly islands floatlands
questing Cluster of islands floatlands



In order to defend the camp you worked hard to build, you will need some sort of protection. You will be able to construct static defense turrets, that will help you repel enemy NPCs with ease. There will be total of 3 tiers of turrets, each tier being more sturdy and powerful than other. Here you can see a couple of really rough sketches I made that helped us pick the right turret shape and style to fit the game better.

questing turrets varations lowpoly floatlands

After the short discussion with Domen, we picked the right turret style, and then I further expanded the rough doodles into quick concept sketches seen below.

questing turret t3 lowpoly floatlands
questing turret t1 lowpoly floatlands

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  1. nickleeb says:

    those animations are sweet! Robot walk was particularly good I think, it was smooth enough to look awesome, but choppy enough to look like a robot. Great balance, hats off to the animator(s)!

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