Devblog 36 – Weekly Update

UI and health management


I’ve been working on a few important things this week – UI and health management system. I’ve been trying to create a smooth UI elements without artifacts/pixelization. To avoid this problem we used rendering technique called Signed Distance Field. I’ve now finished the inventory, crafting and build mode menus and their functionalities. All that is left is to completely rethink the UI design. NPC health bar was also added, it pops out whenever NPC gets shot or hit. There has been a lot of work done on health managment system and on the survival aspect. I’ve implemented a consumable type of items (repair kits and energy cells that Andrej and Mito designed and modelled) to manage your health and energy.

For more about Floatlands progress check out the video below! I had a great time making it!

Rock tool, repair kits, energy cells and lighthouse


We realized amidst all the weapon creation that the player doesn’t have a certain initial free tool for mining/chopping wood, which jump-starts the resource gathering. To fix this, we first had to put some thought into it and in the end we came up with a simple solution – a rock! So my priority was to prepare all the animations for the rock tool.

UI and health management rock tool lowpoly floatlands

Then I made models for consumable items, which Mito prepared some concept art for. So far we have two repair kits for the player to heal himself and two power cells to store and carry extra energy arround. This comes in handy when your robot runs out of energy and you have to replenish it.

UI and health management repair energy kit floatlands
Repair kits and energy cells

We decided to add another point of interest – a new lighthouse. Enemy robots will defend it, additionaly it will hold loot like other towers, with the obvious addition of lighting up the surrounding area at night. I also reworked the broken pieces of the crates that the player will be able to smash the crates into and did a little work on the assets for the caves.

UI and health management lighthouse model lowpoly floatlands
Lighthouse model
UI and health management crate lowpoly floatlands

Work on weapons


Weapons still needed a bit of touch in order to behave more fluent, so my focus included:

  • weapon logic (reload, shoot, zoom, bullets, taking bullets from inventory, meele, proximity)
  • implementing animations made by our 3D artist
  • implementing “weapon follow player” logic, so that movement looks much more natural
  • muzzle flash effect
  • projectile effect
UI and health management AR action lowpoly floatlands
Assault rifle in action
UI and health management shotgun action lowpoly floatlands
Shotgun in action

Enemy airship


We continued the dungeon brainstorming with another concept of the cave, so we can easily visualize how various elements would fit together. We will create different versions of dungeon tiles so everytime the game creates a dungeon it will completely randomize it. Another cool feature we’re working on is the airships that will patrol around the area. Airships will be dangerous encounters and will produce great rewards if defeated. Here’s a concept sketch I drew up:

3d modeling for Floatlands airship concept lowpoly floatlands
Airship sketch


We are happy to announce that we are going to present you a tech playable demo of Floatlands at EGX Rezzed 2017 in London this March. We are working hard to create a version of Floatlands which has some finished gameplay elements such as resource gathering, exploration with your personal buzzard and perhaps a quest or two. Lots of you are already asking us when will you be able to experience Floatlands, so here is the perfect opportunity to join us live, have some fun and give us feedback to improve the game even further. You’re all kindly invited!

Till next week!

UI and health management lowpoly floatlands

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  1. Any test demos out yet for us to test? Would love to give it a test.

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