Devblog 28 – Deer and time for GUI

New Year


Heading into New Year, 2016 was really a big year for us. We started small, developing mobile games in small office here in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We really liked the idea of developing awesome games for people around the globe but we simply didn’t find ourselves in such a huge and greedy market. If you want to succeed there, you have to copy an existing game and implement the best monetization guidelines. That was really tiresome and we looked forward until we ‘spawned’ this beautiful idea of a lowpoly/polygonal survival game – Floatlands.

We are 6 months in the development right now and we already planned what needs to be done for the first Alpha release. A release with basic features just to test out the concepts, performance and game design choices. The development is going really well and we are happy to see people like the idea and the content we are making. This created new friendships, opportunities, jobs and public mentions. People are constantly writing us with improvements or wishing to apply for Alpha testing or collaboration.

In this 6 months we have already won a prize for a best upcoming indie game in Slovenian Games Conference which was held here in Ljubljana, we visited many places to fill up our imaginations, we worked late hours, we laughed, joked terribly, moved to bigger offices just to improve ourselves, our little game and our studio.

Our wish and goal in 2017 is not to deliver a proper game, but to deliver a framework/universe which will expand and improve day by day into a never-ending experience. Year 2017 will be our breaking point, stick with us in this huge journey!

Floatlands team wishes you a Prosperous 2017!

Deer in action


new year lowpoly floatlands
Deer (both cubs and adults) can be found in normal and snow biomes

This week was kinda lazy since we took a break from work to meet up with our families. Although we found some time to fully implement deer into the Floatlands environment. Vili did a fantastic job implementing a behaviour system (AI) for the critter so they react unpredictably in a procedurally generated world. For example, deer can get angry/nervous if you stare at them for a long time!

new year deer lowpoly floatlands
Nervous deer in Floatlands

For now we are planning to do 2 animals per island biome and then we are continuing with enemy NPCs – we have plans to rework them a bit.

GUI rework


The whole current ‘mockup’ GUI needs a rework. I’ve started with the non-static GUI design for items that you can gather throughout the world of Floatlands. You will easily see items in the world by a tag that pops out when you are nearby. It is still a work in progress (alignment and fonts need to be changed). Here is how it looks so far.

gui rework lowpoly floatlands

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  1. Landon says:

    Have you guys thought about implementing basic VR support, what with your game running in unity anyhow?

  2. Domen Koneski says:

    Hey Landon! That’s is a great idea, but for now we are omitting it since the main problem of VR is motion sickness. Floatlands will not be a slowpaced game – best thing for implementing VR support, but we will surely look into VR possibilities after the release! Stay tuned. 🙂

  3. Kimau says:

    Quick Tip: For your floating text on limes. Dampen the text position and acceleration that will make the text more stable than the object and generally give a good feeling. Also fade it out whenever your upper limits are exceeded.

    Readable text is a thing I like 😉

    • admin says:

      Good idea Kimau, we will surely change the looks of the floating text in the future, this is just a quick mockup and testing of our GUI system. 🙂

      Domen Koneski

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Floatlands, lowpoly, survival