Devblog 25 – Weekly Update


As I mentioned it in a previous blog post Floatlands has now its own procedural weather system. That means it can be reproduced and tweaked alot. It is also voxel based, which means weather system is global and can differ between two world positions e.g. it snows where player is located – it is foggy on the other island. Weather system also contains wind properties and you can spot a windy area by looking at the flora (which moves with the wind) or by looking at the speed of windmill at the distance. It is also biome based – it will snow in the snow biome instead of raining, and being only windy in desert biome.

System uses a Simplex noise for quick calculations with lerping between values for smooth weather transitions. It also has a room for particles such as snow and rain which are using latest physics based collision checking so we can spawn ripples or any other beautiful effects. System also handles alot of the skybox, making it duller when there is fog, also the stars at night disappear if there is a heavy rain.

Weather types can easily be added or removed. For now Floatlands Weather System includes following weather types (due to change in the future):


Rainy weather type with ripples


Clear weather type


Snow and foggy weather type combined

FLYING FORTRESSES  domen koneski

Andrej did an awesome job sculpting fotresses which are another point of interest in the world of Floatlands. They will serve as a difficult place to explore, since they are going to be populated with enemy robots (wip). If you succeed to capture them you will find a lot of loot which is spawned in loot crates around the fortress area. Fotresses can be captured using different approaches – use their sewer system or just attack them from above.


Fotress and sunset! Loot crates are spawned inside with precious items

fortress winter floatlands

Fortress will be populated with enemy robots and automated turrets.

Here is also a quick video preview from my part, so we don’t spam you only with in-game screenshots!



I created several short deer animations in Blender which Vili will then import in Unity3d and prepare them for transitions between movements, behaviours and relationships. Each and every character will have a library full of these animations to choose from. For emulating real deer movements and behaviours I used Muybridge library, as it offers great insight into frame-by-frame motion. You can also find some valuable and useful information in The Animator’s Survival Kit.

angry deer Floatlands

Angry deer, watch out!

deer attack Floatlands

Deer going full attack mode.


We have decided to completely overhaul the existing building that were in the game already (such as shacks and the stone tower). Some of the structures didn’t seem to fit in the world of Floatlands. So I made a few concept sketches of structures made with the materials that could be found after the “disaster” that caused the floating islands.

After we had an acceptable amount of sketches, I deconstructed the buildings into the materials that were used for construction. I divided the materials into the categories listed below on the picture.lowpoly-building-materials-floatlands

My next task will be to create as many different buildings as I can, so we can filter them and slowly start adding them to the game.


  1. Animator overhaul – it is cleaner now. I started to use substate machines for nicer organisation.
substate machines floatlands

Inside substate machines

2. I also added “fall avoidance” to mobs so they don’t fall off the island. New addition is also the code for precalculating path in advance, so mobs can avoid fall-off into abbys scenarios.

mobs fall avoidance Floatlands

Fall avoidance for mobs

3. Behavior tree has also grown more which means that a mob has more behavior. I added “move to nearest friend or [whatever you want]” and “move away from [whatever]” actions. Now sheep live in a pack and don’t go too far away from each other, though some sheep can go off pack randomly.

behaviour tree updated Floatlands

Updated behaviour tree


  1. Ezequiel says:

    Is the behaviour tree part of some unity plugin or a different software?
    And are you using a plugin or downloaded asset for the mob AI?

  2. I don’t enjoy reading your devlogs because there is no way for me to enjoy the changes yet 😀

    Is there anyway to become free testers for your game?

    • admin says:

      Hehe, and we haven’t even started working on the gameplay yet.

      If you want to be one of the first to test it, just subscribe and we will let you know when there’s something available to test.

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