Update 2 – Visiting coal mine

Visiting coal mine

We decided to take one friday off and make a team trip or you could say teambuilding. We wanted to go somewhere that is not far from our office. Someone came up with a wild idea to visit a coal mine. For those of you who don’t know our team’s history – we started in the mobile game business and made a few successful games like Ore Miner Classic and Ore Miner – clicking game. So this is the connection to visiting coal mine right there.

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Our newest member Mito also joined us on this trip. He will take care of 2d art from now on – more on that in our next blog post. Our destination was the coal mine in Velenje, a one hour drive from the office. Unfortunately they forbid taking photos inside the mine, but we managed to take a few in the mining museum. Our guide showed us how an ordinary day looked like for a miner back in the day.

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First of all, they worked 8 hours/day and they used horses to transport coal inside the mine. The reason for that is the fact that fully loaded carts weighed 700kg. Their lunch was modest to say the least and salary likewise. Today they mostly use machines for mining, there are still a few miners employed, but the majority of them are responsible for machine maintenance. Along the tour we experienced a simulation of gas explosion and observed what kind of machinery they use. At the end we also took a train ride inside the mine, which was fun.

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This area has one of the deepest ranges of coal in the world, but some underground trails go right underneath the city of Šoštanj, so it’s forbidden to mine there – otherwise the city would just collapse. Therefore the state built a thermal powerplant in Šoštanj to keep it in the vicinity of the mine. The supply of coal in that area will run out approximately in 2050, so this mine has a status “in closing”. The majority of region is dependant on this mine and they will have to deal with economic restructuring.

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