Devblog 23 – Weekly update

Island generator


To begin with, I’ve been working hard on an island generator. We were using premade islands lately and when I spawned alot of islands already I’ve gotten bored of almost the same results. I’ve changed this so now the mesh/terrain of an island also gets manipulated by procedural generation – in this case I’ve used Simplex noise. In short, for now you can find three types of terrain:

island generator flat terrain lowpoly Floatlands
flat terrain with chance of spawning a swamp/lake
island generator hilly terrain lowpoly Floatlands
hilly terrain,
island generator large hills terrain Floatlands
large hills/mountainous terrain -really nice to explore

I think this would do just nice apart from having different island shapes, biomes and sizes, the variety continues! I’m ought to work on LOD system and draw distance system, so even potatoes can run this game. When I’m done with this I’m looking forward to implement animals, so we can start testing how well can they behave in our beautiful world.

Update on points of interest


  • concrete tower – enemy NPC robots will heavily guard them; in any case, this is just an updated model which is already in the scene.

    island generator concrete tower sketch lowpolyisland generator concrete tower2 sketch lowpoly
  • wind power stations – these would recharge your robot’s energy, though we need dynamic weather in order for this to work.

    island generator wind powerstation sketch lowpoly
    island generator wind power lowpoly Floatlands

Vector math acceleration


I’ve been testing Mono.SIMD included in Unity3D for vector math acceleration. As a matter of fact, it works quite well. Not so sure about PC CPU support yet, but all moderns CPUs should support it. Here is the result of my little test, one million vector additions:

island generator vector math acceleration Floatlands

NPC collision avoidance optimization


I also reworked the NPC collision avoidance algorithm abit, it works much faster now.

island generator sheep collision avoidance Floatlands
island generator sheep collision slow Floatlands
Trick of optimisation is that you update just parts of information every frame :). Only 6-9 raycasts per NPC instead of ~100 (lagfest).
island generator sheep herd lowpoly Floatlands
Testing the movement of NPCs, accidental V formation ensued.

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