Devblog 16 – NPC robot concept

NPC robot concept


I was given the task to make a NPC robot concept for the game, so I started by coming up with ideas. At this point I was mostly sketching different designs, mostly throwing ideas against the wall and seeing what sticks. I progresively refined the design while getting feedback from my team-mates.

npc robot concept lowpoly floatlands

When we got the idea we were looking for, I made a colour sketch and drew up some weapon ideas:

npc robot concept guns sketch lowpoly floatlands

Work in progress…

npc robot concept progress lowpoly floatlands

We test the control animation rig for bugs, model the gun and add it to the character. Now we can animate movements for the character and add him to the game. This NPC will harass you a lot in Floatlands, so make sure to run away from him.

npc robot concept gunner walk lowpoly floatlands

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