Devblog 15 – Slovenian games conference

Slovenian games conference

Preparations and impressions

A few weeks back we announced our attendance at the Slovenian games conference where we would present a very early sample of Floatlands. Taking into account that this project is 4 months old, we put ourselves under a lot of time pressure. But finally we managed to do it.

slovenian games conference team floatlands

So last week we concentrated on setting up a demo scene with a working build mode, the latest UI and an updated player controller. We came to the event with one purpose. We wanted to observe and take in the reactions, impressions and live feedback from the visitors and other developers. Of course there was an occasional bug or two, but players were genuinely excited to build their own bases. You wouldn’t believe some of the constructions they made. 🙂

slovenian games conference booth floatands

The conference itself lasted the whole day, it included speakers on various related gaming topics, such as design process, animation, audio, VR, marketing and much more. Throughout the event we met lots of developers with interesting and promising game projects. We were also offered help with marketing which we are so grateful for.

slovenian games conference playing floatlands

Floatlands wins

To our complete surprise (since we haven’t really thought about the contest) Floatlands had been chosen for the best indie game of SGC 2016. This is a great honor for us, especially because we’ve been working on this game for only 4 months now. The reward for winning this contest were tickets to Reboot Develop conference 2017, which will take place in Dubrovnik (Croatia)  in April. We might also showcase our game at Reboot Infogamer fair in Zagreb in November, so you’ll be seeing us a lot in Croatia.

slovenian games conference reward floatlands

What happened at SGC is just another breakthrough for our team. It’s an encouragement and motivation for us to take development onto the next step. We are contemplating about launching some kind of funding project for Floatlands and involve you guys – our fans, more. We will also update our site with a table that shows the procentual progress of the game. This will make the development process more transparent.

Looking forward to the future,
Floatlands team

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