Devblog 14 – Winter is coming

Winter is coming

Up until now we made 3 biomes (normal, sea and desert), we now finally implemented a winter/snow world and a day & night cycle together with weather system. It actually looks even more impressive in night time. With our build system already quite developed, we experimented in making this winter castle. That’s the beauty of custom build mode…

winter is coming castle lowpoly floatlands

Andrej modified the terrain/mountains, trees, rocks and also recorded his workflow, if anyone is interested in having a look.

Since we decided to go the lowpoly way and use solid colors, we’re looking into a similar kind of design regarding user interface and HUD. Domen went through a couple of UI mockups/revisions and also added a compass which already works. For now it shows just mountains and bases, later it will show all relevant points of interest (quests etc).

winter is coming ui lowpoly floatlands

Last couple of days we’ve been preparing for the upcoming Slovenian games conference where we’ll showcase our work so far. A demo scene is in place along with a slightly improved player controller. Our booth visitors will get to sample some early gameplay. In our next blog post we will update you guys with how it all went (pictures included). We will also disclose what to expect in the coming weeks and months.

Blaž Drobnič, community manager

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  1. Kandy says:

    Love the look of this game, the way it’s coming along and such, pretty interested… As a tip, the video is private? Perhaps it is only a problem I’m having, but just wondering, is the video as “Unlisted” ?

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