Devblog 3 – Nature

nature generator lowpoly floatlandsHey. Domen Koneski (game director, designer and programmer of Floatlands) speaking! Welcome to the very first dev preview which is ment to showcase the progress of our development. We are very happy to be sharing our dev story with you. I’ve got some pictures for you.

ambient occlusion lowpoly floatlandsI’ve been working on island generator, I’ve added every asset Andrej (3D artist) had for me – from a small firn to a huge tree. With this I’ve also successfully implemented a LOD system and found a cool ambient occlusion system which was also implemented successfully. That’s it for the nature aspect.

Resource gathering system is now improved, you can now harvest wood, wool, experience points and rocks. What we will do with it is still a mystery since we are developing this game very iterative.nature harvest lowpoly floatlandsUntil next time!


  1. Nico says:

    Are you going to make it possible to build bridges to the nearby floating islands?

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Floatlands, lowpoly, survival

Floatlands, lowpoly, survival